Skin Lesions

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Often times, lesions appear on the body. While most are benign, there are few characteristics that may necessitate further treatment. If a lesion bleeds with frequent scabs, looks ulcerated, changing in size or color, itches then it may need to be biopsied. Dr. Samir Shah or Dr. Rajendra Shah will evaluate and perform a biopsy in the office.

Dr. Shah has many referrals from dermatologists and primary doctors to manage skin cancers. He can remove the skin cancer and reconstruct the defect.

Also, many people have moles, cysts, or lipoma (fatty tumors) all over the body. Dr. Shah will be able to remove these lesions if they are causing symptoms. Most insurance should cover the evaluation and treatment.
Since both Dr. Samir Shah and Dr. Rajendra Shah are board certified plastic surgeons, they have meticulous suturing techniques to optimize the appearance of the scar.

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