Male Liposuction

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Liposuction only tackles the fat between the body wall and the skin. Liposuction can create a substantial contour change that shows off the underlying muscles. It can also create a shape that enhances the underlying muscles by highlighting the contour hollows and leaves fat to look like muscle bulges.

What is Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching will accentuate the existing muscle tissue by getting rid of excess fat, giving you “six pack” abs. This procedure takes liposuction to the next level to sculpt the tissues of the abdomen. We refer to this type of procedure as “high-definition liposculpture”. Your stomach can look firmer, tighter, and more muscular as a result of abdominal etching.

How long is the procedure?

Usually lasting no more than an hour, abdominal etching can be performed as an outpatient procedure using either local or general anesthesia.

The Surgery:

Before the surgery begins, Dr. Shah will trace an outline of the patient’s abdominal muscles. These lines serve as guides during the surgery. Usually, general anesthesia or sedation is administered by an anesthesiology provider. Next, several small incisions will be made in the belly button or following natural creases on the abdomen. Using ultrasound liposuction technique, excess fat is removed along the lines drawn by the surgeon, sculpting the abs into the desired contours. At the conclusion of the procedure, the incisions, which usually measure less than a quarter of an inch long, may or may not require sutures.

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