Laser Skin Treatments

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The new C02 pulse lasers are effective for treating fine lines that occur with aging and exposure to the elements. We are using them to treat acne scarring, “crow’s-feet” around the eye and vertical wrinkles that occur in the upper lip.

Dr. Rajendra discusses Laser Resurfacing
on Heartbeat of America

This new method for skin resurfacing takes advantage of the ability of the laser to penetrate the skin to a precise depth. This consistency of penetration affords an even effect over the entire area treated. The superficial skin is shed. New skin regenerates, providing a fresher, smoother appearance. After the treatment, which is done under local anesthesia with sedation, the skin is red for up to ten days.

The redness fades in a few weeks, turning pink. The pink is easily camouflaged with makeup and disappears in one to three months.

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