Facial Treatments

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Relaxing for an hour while improving your skin, what could be better? Our aestheticians will get your skin looking and feeling great. Facials treat the epidermis of the skin to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and leave your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Here at A New You Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, you have a choice of a basic facial or an AquaFacial.

What is an AquaFacial?
Skin dehydration is often times age related and causes skin to look dull and tired. This also makes fine lines and textural imperfections more visible. An Aquafacial is a liquid facial system that infuses different liquid solutions into the skin to help improve skin hydration and skin elasticity. Lactic, Salicylic, and Hyaluronic acid are all infused into the skin to help improve different skincare concerns.

  • Lactic acid: Removes all of the dead, dry, dead skin cells. Leaves skin feeling renewed and refreshed
  • Salicylic acid: Great for oily skin and blackheads/whiteheads. What our acne patients need the most!
  • Hyaluronic Acid: HYDRATION! Hyaluronic acid replenishes your skins moisture. This will give your skin a “plumping effect”.

The vaccum vortex inside the machine instantly removes blackheads, whiteheads, dirt, and oil. This helps treat and prevent acne (along with the Salicylic acid being infused!).

The AquaFacial can be performed in about twenty minutes. Clients usually notice immediate improvement! A single AquaClean treatment will help reveal beautiful and younger-looking skin with a radiant glow.

If you are interested in seeing if an AquaFacial is the answer for your dull and tired or acne proned skin, call our office today. Call 708.424.3999 or contact us online.

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