Butt Augmentation

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What is buttock augmentation?
There has been rising attention focused on gluteal aesthetics. Since we focus on the whole body, the buttock shape needs appropriate attention. As we have gained more knowledge, we now understand how to balance the flanks, hips and buttocks. The art comes in shaping the buttock by adding volume but creating a curvy frame. A flat buttock is a common complaint.

Brazilian Butt Lift
The most common way to achieve a better looking buttock is with fat transfer, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift. A New You board certified plastic surgeons use liposuction to sculpt the abdomen, back, and love handles. This will set the stage for a fat transfer. We use meticulous techniques: we collect, purify the fat, and then we selectively inject fat into the buttock to add shape and volume.
The procedure is performed at our AAAASF certified facility in Oak Lawn, Illinois and lasts a few hours with general anesthesia. After the procedure, patients will need to wear a garment and avoid prolonged sitting for 2-4 weeks. The results may take several weeks, and it is stated about 40% of the injected fat survive.

Gluteal Implants
Another alternative is silicone buttock implants. We consider this procedure for patients with minimal fat or that want a significantly full look. An incision is made on either side of the gluteal crease, a pocket is created on top of the muscle, and the implant is placed in appropriate position.

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