Breast Implant Revision

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Patient education is paramount for all Breast Augmentation procedures and even more crucial when considering breast implant revision.

Often times, oversized implants or improper pocket dissection leads to tissue failure and creates issues such as implant malposition, wrinkling, sagging, synmastia (uniboob) and overall dissastisfaction with breast size. A hardened or painful breast may be sign for capsular contracture. This is why it is important to seek opinion from board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Rajendra Shah and Dr. Samir Shah

Patients may complain that they “wished they would have gone bigger.” Usually, this feeling results from the fact the pockets are stretched out and breasts no longer appear youthful. There are many ways to address this issue and does not only involve placing a larger implant. It may involve just tightening the capsule to using mesh support, or even performing a lift.

Patients that have saline may present with deflation or unsightly appearance or feel. Saline implants generally feel firmer, and many patients choose to switch to silicone implants. Silicone implants are FDA approved and the new generation implants are more cohesive and safe. Dr. Samir Shah and Dr. Rajendra Shah, board certified plastic surgeons, have extensive experience using all types of implants including round, and shaped, and “Gummy Bear”.

If you are considering breast implant revision surgery, previous operative records and implant information is advised. Also, an up to date mammogram may be needed.

The final surgical procedure depends on complexity of the case. Dr. Shah will review your concerns and provide a full range of options with the goal of achieving natural and long lasting outcomes.

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